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The Great Style-Up of 2014: Joe E.

Too old to wear Old Navy, too young to dress like Uncle Russ at the BBQ.

Joe is 39. He’s a father, a designer, and the creative force behind “domesticated,” — snarky, brilliant t-shirts about being a Daddy in a Mommy’s World.

joey before

Before: Old Navy and Baggy.

He asked if I’d help him update his style; his family is moving to a new town, he’s building a new community, and he is turning 40. Since I, too, am turning 40, I felt qualified to assist him in his Journey of Style-I-zation.

3 Rules of Thumb for Updating Style

1. You wear a smaller size than you think you do.

2. You wear bolder colors and patterns than you think you do.

3. Your body is brawnier and more masculine than you think it is; show off your “good parts.”

(Not that good part, sicko).

The Result 


These purple kicks were languishing on his shoe-rack. But Joe’s a creative-designer! Guess what his new “business-lunch” shoes are?


Gingham: Joe was horrified. His wife loved it. Guess who won?

Dark Denim, not light. Cuffs, not baggy. Form fitting, not tent-like. Dark glasses to frame his face. Rahroooooo!

It took some serious beitzim for Joe to try on some gear that he feared would reveal areas of his physique that he doesn’t love. What Joe is coming to terms with:  he’s got shoulders most men (including myself) would kill for. He’s got substance to his body that looks, well, powerful – in refined designs.

cardigan man 2

Joe didn’t want to look like a “Hipster Dad.” That’s fine, since he plays in a band and has a cooking blog. Sounds pretty “Hipster Dad” to me.

He’s a good lookin’ guy – and he’s getting better.

Want a style update for 2014?

For an online consultation, click here.

Show off your good parts.

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