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White Chinos : The Non-Nautical Way

I just picked up a pair of white denim from Scotch and Soda, and was thinking about what to do with it. Then, I found this post. Nice work, Men’s Style Pro!

(all font in burgundy is clickable)(All shoes in the posts are by Johnston & Murphy and the chinos are from Bonobos)

It’s very easy to style white chinos the “nautical way” by pairing them with a striped or solid navy shirt. Of course, I have nothing against the nautical style, especially for the summer, but, white chinos have their place outside of the boating realm. One of the great characteristic of white chinos is that they are a blank canvas that can be pair with just about anything. As opposed to white jeans, chinos have the ability and the texture to be dressed up well for the office or a semi-casual event and they can really be dressed down with a polo or henley shirt. Below are four outfits that address the issue of stylish white chinos without going nautical and without relying on “peacocking” colors to seem on…

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