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14 Days of Reflection: Episode 9 – Brace Yourself For This Advice

On the left wrist, you wear a watch. 

What goes on the other wrist?

One the one hand (so to speak), there is something to be said for the obvious answer: nothing.

If you’re sporting a styley, conversation piece like one of these watches, you really don’t need any more conversations.

On the other hand, in certain circumstances, a couple of funky bracelets do add value to the outfit, and a vacation at the beach is one of them.

The idea is not to deck yourself out from head to toe in surf-bruh gear. You don’t need a coral necklace, a pair of raybans, board-shorts, AND gnarly hair. Or, actually, any of these.

Instead, a couple of beaded bracelets will compliment a dapper outfit and add a few grains of beachiness without doing free marketing for Bodyglove or making you look like Spicoli.

These two bracelets are from eBay; they cost under 10 dollars for the pair, are made from lava and wood, and go well with a kakhi blazer (pictured) and a bright pair of chinos (for the full outfit, click here). You might also try Etsy for handmade bargains.



Too many Transformers.

One thing I have discovered this summer, so far, is the power of “just a little bit.” Gabi and I spent 4 days in San Diego, and it was as relaxing as two weeks.

I am someone who is susceptible to saturation. I find things I like and I have a tendency to go overboard. I’ve been like that since I was a child. My friend would have a small shoebox of Transformers and I’d have them on every shelf, overflowing my closet. The mindset I’d like to cultivate is being easily satisfied with a little bit of something.

This reminds me about the power nap that turns the whole day around. The walk in a city park that leaves me rejuvenated. 10 minutes of meditation. A few songs listened to, attentively, on headphones. A quick catch up with someone I love on the phone. The handful of almonds that satisfies hunger as deeply as a three-course meal (although I suggest you avoid being present when I get my hands on a bag of Funyuns; it is not a pretty sight).

As my summer kicks off, I will strive to enjoy all the great things coming my way: Budapest. Israel. An engagement party in Milwaukee. I have some fantastic plans. But even amidst the excitement, I will try to remember the simple wooden beads and the meaning of “just a little bit.”

And if life gives me more, great. I’ll just have to brace myself.


For a deeper dive into the world of men’s accessories, click here.

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