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New Year’s Resolution: 30 Days of Writing. Episode 4/30: We Love the Plain, White T-s. The shi

Do Not: Smoke. Do: Wear a Plain, White T

This is day 4 of a New Years Resolution.

Under no circumstances should you spend $50.00 on a T-shirt, and probably not even half of that.

I know that the entire metropolitan LA area is full of men sporting incredibly expensive t-shirts. Meanwhile, every-college campus is full of men sporting beaten-up concert t-shirts.

You want to be classy, styley, and not spend money on a garment that should cost almost nothing. What should you do?

Answer? Wear a plain, white T.

Clean. The smallest size you can before you’d call it “tight” (otherwise known as “slim).

This t-shirt costs $400. Is that any more crazy than $50?

Here’s proof.

  1. Wear a t-shirt with a band or abstract design on it. Show it to someone. Ask how it looks.

  2. Answer? “Fine.”

  3. Put on white t-shirt. Clean. Slim-fitting. Show to same person. How does it look?

  4. “Hot.”

You spent five dollars on a t-shirt that bagged you a major compliment. You win.


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