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Turning 40: A Send-Off – Part 2.


All cartoons drawn with Micron O1s in a Paperblank Journal. No corrections or erasures allowed. Boldly, onward, I draw.

Yesterday, the last day of my 30’s, I drew part one in a cartoon series about turning 40 – “Who I was, who I am, and who I’m becoming.” If you missed it, check it out.

Today, the conclusion. And if it raised any thoughts about your own birthday (if you are having a birthday any time this year), please – COMMENT below, share your thoughts, ideas, musings, and maybe a blessing for my new decade.

Happy-Birthday, Self!

5 year incrememnts v2

5 year pt 2

thought experiment

myths v3

last part pt 2 v1

Will Evan reach resolution?

Will Evan find his new self?

Tune in tomorrow – for the existentially exuberant conclusion to “Thoughts on Turning 40!”



I hope you enjoyed my reflections on turning 40.

Below, share your thoughts on your own upcoming (or recent birthday – if you had one this year) – wherever you may be in this journey!

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