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10 Things I Learned from 30 Blog Posts in 30 Days: [30 DAYS OF WRITING: EPISODE 30/30]

The author, after 30 days of blogging: weary but none the worse for wear. So to speak.

The author, after 30 days of blogging: weary but none the worse for wear. So to speak.

This is day 30 of a 30 day New Year’s Resolution.


1. Thomas Edison famously said: Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration. I’d recommend a few extra-percent non-perspiring dedication.

2. Doing something important even when you don’t want to, especially when you don’t want to, is one of the marks of maturity.

3. The more creative you act, the more creative you are. Creativity is more about doing than about being.

4. Though ritual sometimes gets a bad rap in the modern world, daily repetition creates space for magic to happen.

5. It’s okay to put things on hold, even things you love, to focus on something special. But then, get back to those other things.

6. Worrying is a great way to paralyze creativity.

7. After exercise, your temperature, your mood, and your outlook improves for hours. True, too, after exercising creativity.

8. Creative expression brings people together. People to creator, people to each other.

9. Once we’re done with school, college, and grad-school, the feeling of “completing” something is rare and wonderful and needs to be cultivated.

10. Succeeding at a challenge you’ve given yourself sets you up for more challenges, more success.


Special thanks to all my readers, all my supporters, and especially to the blogger responsible for (and who supported me through) this month-long adventure. #gallery-1655-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1655-4 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1655-4 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1655-4 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */

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