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Give Your Shoes a Fast Upgrade: NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION — 30 DAYS OF WRITING. EPISODE 8/30

This is day 8 of a New Year’s Resolution.


In the 1950s, industrialists were interested in studying productivity and the effects of lighting.

They added extra lights to the factory floor, and productivity increased. Once the study was over, productivity slumped.

The experimenters took away light to see what the effect on productivity could be. Again, a surge – and when the study was over, a slump.

As it turned out, whatever the experimenters did increased productivity.  And conversely, when the workers knew that the observation was over, that no one was looking at them, productivity tapered off.

It seemed that light was not the factor. Being watched was the factor.


Let’s say you’re not going to go out and get new black dress shoes. But you wouldn’t mind a little attention below the ankle, so to speak. How do you turn up the lights and add productivity? Get noticed?

Like the scientists did – make a change, a simple one. Put on some colored laces.

Start with blue or red. Later on, yellow, green, or purple. See how it puts an extra glide in your stride.


You can drop a lot of money, unnecessarily, on colored laces, and you can also get them super cheap… and they’ll look cheap. These are right in the sweet spot, the price of a cappuccino, from Johnston and Murphy.

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