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Looking for a Tie? Found it.

A young man (a former student) texted me last night – “Got any recommendations for a tie?”

He has a new, charcoal-grey suit and needs something to wear with it.

It so happens that this week, on ebay, you can nab a Thom Browne / Black Fleece tie for a song. Well, more like a song and 50 bucks for a bow-tie, 85 for a regular tie.

If that strikes you as expensive, let me say this: one Black Fleece Tie is worth 4 non-Black Fleece ties, pound for pound worth of awesomeness.


Fabric quality.


I have lots of ties I like, but the ties I love are Black Fleece. Check these out while they’re still available!

Purple and block cotton. I own this one and bought one for a friend. It’s amazing.

Black Gingham. Classy meets country.

Plaid – classic with bold scale.



Help this young man find “the tie that began it all.”

That said, if an impressionable young man with a new suit asked you for a tie recommendation, what would you say? Fashionistos, please help this young man! Reply below and share your wisdom! His sartorial future is in your hands…

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