• Evan Wolkenstein

What to wear on an airplane: Vol II — Conference Edition

Click here for “What to wear on an airplane part 1.”

One small (but very cute) suitcase.

What to pack for a weekend is made much more complicated when that weekend involves a single small suitcase, 5 hours on a plane, and 4 days of all-day conference.

Me, I’m spending the weekend with a great group of colleagues at a conference for educators. I have one suitcase and need to make it through four days worth of professional-yet-casual outfits. What do I bring?

Sorry for the frown. I was flying United.

Fair Isle is fair game for any conference. It stands out, but won’t attract unnecessary attention.

4. Find a tie which pops, and yet features a classic pattern, like this Fair Isle tie.

5. Dress classy, but be comfy.

6. Be on time for your sessions. Which reminds me…I’m late!

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